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About My Nanna's Estate Sales

Licensed and Insured

Who Are We?

My Nanna's has been in business in the State of Florida for over 30 years and has held sales throughout THE STATE. 

Our professional core team has been together for years and has hundreds of satisfied clients.

We are an estate sale company with substantial experience in staging, pricing and selling personal property.

Bruce CostlEY, Owner

What We Do......

  • Evaluate your situation to find the best and most profitable solution for your liquidation needs.

  • We can buy items outright if an estate sale is not possible.


If an estate sale is YoUR best solution we..................

  • stage items for sale

  • set up premises to be attractive and secure

  • price items according to fair market value

  • advertise the sale

  • conduct the sale with professionalism

  • coordinate a clean-out process

  • leave property broom swept

From Start to Finish We Handle Every Detail

From  this  to  this


How to get started.......

Call BRUCE at 407-416-8614 for a free evaluation of your liquidation needs.


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